Here is a list of our most recent bird shipment 

This is not an accurate inventory so call ahead to check current inventory. 

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic we are having a very difficult time getting Birds 

Bird Shipment 4/06

Bird Shipment 3/11

5-LoveBirds  2-Peachface 2-Fischers 1-Black Mask 


Bird Shipment 3/09
6- Cockatiels 

Lutino, Grey, Cinnamon, Pied 

Bird Shipment 2/18 FINALLY

In-Stock As of 12/15/2020


Peach Faced Love Birds 

Ring Neck Doves 

Zebra Finches 

English Zebra Finches

Spice Finch 

Male Canary 

Yellow Weaver 

Society Finch 

In-Stock As of 9/01/2020

Regular Green Cheek Conure

High Pineapple Green Cheek  

Blue Crown Conure

Finch -Cuthroat, Society, Orange Weaver, Gold Crown Weaver

Yellow Canaries 

Shipment 4/29/2020