Making the Raw Resolution

Raw Food Information 

Along with serving grain free, organic, and all other foods to their cats and dogs. More and more Americans are starting to dish out raw foods to their pets. In the past year retail sales of raw/freeze dried dog and cat foods jumped 64%, from 25 million to 40 million, and sales of frozen raw foods jumped 32% from 52 million to 69 million, according to a market research firm.

Just like people, cats and dogs are biologically designed to thrive on a diet of the whole, minimally processed foods. As pet parents become more educated about nutrition and the benefits of raw feeding as the category continues to grow more each year.

One of the goals of raw pet food is to maintain as much of the naturally occurring nutritional value as possible. These naturally occurring nutrients have a number of benefits for cats and dogs alike including:

Brighter eyes
Improved breath and whiter teeth
Increased energy
Shinier coat
Healthier skin
Smaller stools

Some pet parents are comfortable with safely handling raw foods, but freeze dried and dehydrated segment of the category are experiencing exponential growth for its convenience. Multiple options make it easy for concerned pet parents to make the switch to raw feeding.

If you are interested in incorporating raw into your pets diet but haven’t quite made the jump, try an inexpensive trial size as a food chopper. This is an easy way to introduce raw nutrition into your dog or cats diet, but not shock their system. There are many options to try out. Give raw/freeze dried/dehydrated a try you will see the difference.