Aquarium Servicing 

It’s easy to enjoy a beautiful thriving tropical aquarium in your home or office confidently set up and maintained by Sierra Fish & Pets. You will enjoy a healthy, beautiful aquarium where fish, corals, plants, and reef can thrive with our experienced, trained aquatic specialist by your side. You’ll get the help and advice you’re looking for.

Our aquatic mission is to make it easier and more enjoyable for you to create a thriving salt water fish, fresh water fish or reef aquarium in your home or office. Whether you want to maintain your own aquarium or would like for us to design, install, and service it for you. Sierra Fish & Pets goal is to not only allow your livestock to survive in captivity, but to thrive in captivity.

Sierra Fish & Pets, a full service aquatic service company, serves the entire Greater Seattle area. As far north as Everett, as far south as Tacoma, call us for information on any type of aquarium servicing.

Enjoy an aquarium without lifting a finger. It’s simple to enjoy a gorgeous, thriving aquarium without any work– simply have one of our experienced professionals setup your fish tank for you. Aquarium maintenance services are simple to arrange for any size aquarium and any size budget. We provide custom acrylic or glass aquariums in all shapes and sizes. There are many styles for you to choose from to fit your design and decor of your home or office. Contact us so we can help you create an aquatic masterpiece. We provide set-ups for: Fresh Water Fish, Salt Water Fish, coral Reef Tanks, or Planted Tanks
Call us today or stop on by to make an appointment to get you aquarium hobby started today!