Bruce Sternberg “Our Founder”

Bruce Sternberg originally started what were to become Sierra Fish & pets in 1972. He grew the stores into what became a very successful 4 store chain in the Seattle Metro area. Despite “semi-retiring” in 2003 he could not stay away form what he loved and what helped him build the business (the customers and employees), he now currently has a very active roll in Sierra Fish & Pets day to day operations at our flagship location where you can see him work in the store just like he did when it first was started in 1972. He also continues to do all the accounting work for the store and more.  In his spare time Bruce enjoys time with the rock of the Sternberg family for over 40+ years Kim and spending time with any of his 7 grandkids.
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Jonas Sternberg, Owner/Manager, Seattle sports Enthusiast

Jonas Sternberg is “Second generation” owner and grew up in the pet industry. Even from day one Jonas was born into the store (figuratively speaking). In 1990 at age 15 he became an active employee despite many years of bagging fish and helping customers in the family owned business. Right away he was drawn directly to aquatics and more specifically Saltwater. When the Aquatic-only store, Blue Sierra Exotics, was purchased in 1995 Jonas became the owner/operator and grew the store into a very successful Fish-only aquatic showroom. After opening our flagship location Sierra Fish & Pets again in 2009, Jonas then worked exclusively in the Renton Location to get it up and running and then focused continuously to keep it on the cutting edge and continued growth of the location. Currently he is in charge of the flagship location in Renton Village and has an active roll in growing the entire services side of Sierra Fish & Pets. He can identify virtually any type of salt water fish, fresh water fish in the trade. Jonas has personally setup hundreds of aquariums and advised thousands of people on tank set-up. He has set-up and maintained several types of aquariums for himself and for customers throughout his career. In his spare time Jonas enjoys spending the time with his family and following Seattle sports teams.

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Doris Olsen, Assistant Manager, Plant and Garden Enthusiast

An avid hobbyist for over 20 years, Doris has been with our family for over 15 years. She loves both the fresh and saltwater sides of the hobby, and has maintained tanks with each over the years. She enjoys sharing experiences and thoughts with fellow fish enthusiasts, and has learned more in the past the years from this than from any book. No fluff, no frills, Doris can help you learn step by step what you need to know to set up the tank you want.  When Doris is not at the store she enjoys her time at home in her garden or shopping for plants/flowers.
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Leah Sloan, Freshwater Manager, and Harry Potter Enthusiast    

Leah is an aquatic enthusiast who has set up and maintained many fish tanks over the years.  She has worked at Sierra’s for 5 years and the pet industry for 13 years. Leah enjoys working with all types of animals and has had many years of experience caring for them. She has had many fish, reptiles, cats and dogs and can help you with all your pet care needs. In her spare time Leah enjoys reading, watching movies and exploring the great outdoors.Contact Leah
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Shannon Finch, Saltwater Manager, and Wood Carver Enthusiast

Shannon Finch has worked in many different facets of the pet industry for nearly 30 years. Some of the many jobs Shannon has had over the years include working as a diagnostician in a tropical fish hatchery. Learning about and diagnosing aquatic parasites and diseases and treatment. Worked as  veterinary technician and assisted in dog and cat medical procedures. She also worked with several wildlife rescue facilities, specializing in birds of prey and corvids. Shannon originally worked with the Sternberg family when it was "Fish Gallery" starting in early 1999. She continued to work with them until they sold the franchise.  Shannon worked and managed a different local Pet store until returning very happily to the Sternberg family once again at Sierra Fish and pets in July of 2018. Shannon has a full spectrum knowledge of all areas of the store, and enjoys the fish room the most. Working with and educating customers on all aspects of fish keeping, corals, and aquatic plants. In Shannon's spare time, she is a teacher of traditional woodcarving and is often giving demonstrations, raises and keeps poultry, avid gardener, and can often be found on a local lake or Puget sound boating,  kayaking or fishing.

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