We unfortunately are NOT able to provide Aquarium Relocation Services at the current time.

Aquarium Move/Relocation 

When its time for you to move, the last thing you want to worry about is your aquarium. Even moving your tank from one area of the house to another can be a pain. Sierra Fish & Pets provides professional, expert, aquarium moving service for the Seattle metro area. Let us move your fish tank so you don’t have to. We can move your glass or acrylic aquarium to your new home or office and all the aquarium livestock. Prices for aquarium moves are based on the size of the aquarium, amount of fish, corals, live rock, etc. needed to transport, distance to travel, and aquarium techs required for the aquarium move. Call us today for more detail or a price estimate 425-226-3215
** We ask that you call at least 2 week prior to requested service request.