Where to Buy a Reptile to Keep as a Pet

Reptiles can be intimidating. They can also be great pets. The key is to make sure to be educated as the owner. Many reptiles are purchased for pets for the wrong reasons and customers do not do the research ahead of time. Sometimes a reptile is purchased as merely a show-piece to impress. Maybe owning an exotic reptile makes the person feel more important, more interesting, more dangerous. But many people just don’t know what they’re getting into because they don’t research the proper care of the reptile beforehand.

First, you must know the laws in your state for owning an exotic pet. In Australia, for example, you need a license to keep a native reptile in captivity. This is also considered the wild, as it is a natural environment. A reptile breeder or a pet shop may be the only places to legally obtain a reptile to keep as a pet.

It’s really better for the reptile to make sure that the one you are purchasing is born in captivity. The majority of reptile now are all captive bred.

You will find these days that a lot of people may be selling reptiles on-line or off sites such as craigslist. Remember you are taking your chances on the health of the pet, and you have no way to monitor the animal before your purchase. Hopefully, you will already have a good idea of what the pet and all it comes with would cost should you purchase it all new so that you won’t get ripped off.

Big well-known reptile shows carry reptiles and accessories. Regulars keep booths on a regular basis, so that returning to ask questions may not be a problem. Be sure to ask if the seller is a regular at the show or how you may contact him/her after your purchase.

To learn about the reptile and its needs, you can always check out books at the local library. You can always check out forums on-line such as Facebook which has reptile groups that you can post questions towards. As with most things on-line you must take all the opinions with a “grain of salt” not everything you are told is true. We feel that the best way to learn about the reptiles of your choice is to talk to one of our reptile experts at Sierra Fish & Pets. We can help you answer any of the questions you might have on the habitat, lighting, temperature levels, and proper set up for the animal you are thinking about. Be aware that just because certain pet shops have a certain pet for sale, does not mean the salesclerk is an expert in the care and special needs of that particular animal. Do your own research beforehand, no matter what kind of reptile you are thinking about purchasing and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call.