Aquarium Consulting/Design

Thinking about a new saltwater aquarium but don’t know how to go about getting the correct one? Want to create a natural freshwater planted ecosystem but don’t know the filtration, lighting, or supplies you need? We offer customized design-installation-and maintenance services for your home or office for any size and budget. Call 425-226-3215 to find out more about Aquarium Consulting. We offer free estimates on aquarium installation and competitively priced consulting. Inside our basic service area $60* consulting fee will incur $100* fee outside our extended area. Let us come out and design an aquarium to fulfill all your aquatic needs. We can come out to your home or office for a small fee to spec out an aquarium for you. We can give you ideas on the best filtration, lighting, and accessories to help fulfill all your aquatic wishes.
*All fees are refundable with a purchase of an aquarium set-up from SF&P.