Vacation Service 

Need someone to check on your freshwater or saltwater aquarium when you are on vacation or away from your business on a holiday weekend? Sierra Fish can set up an aquarium service plan with you to make sure your fish tank is in full function and your aquarium livestock is taken care of while you are gone. Reasonable prices to pay for the peace of mind you will receive knowing your fish tank is in good hands. You can even have us met up with a neighbor/family member let us take care of your talk while you are away.
We can stop by and check on the aquarium and feed the fish. Or create a custom aquarium maintenance plan of several aquarium service options. We can even clean and service the aquarium while you are gone! Prices vary on the route and aquarium duties needed per visit. We can customize a vacation plan for you for your home or office. Call today for more details. 425-226-3215.