Moving with Pets

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How to Prepare for a Major Move with Your Pet in Mind 

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Moving houses is no simple task by any means, add caring for a pet in the process and you've essentially doubled your workload. But don’t fret. Pet experts Sierra Fish & Pets put together a roadmap to help you manage all moving-related responsibilities with ease.

A Plan of Attack

One of the most important things you can do to make sure your move goes smoothly is to manage your time wisely. Start by creating a timeline of all the tasks you need to complete before moving day. Make sure to allow plenty of time for packing, cleaning, and other necessary preparations. It's also a good idea to build in some flexibility to account for any unforeseen delays or problems that may arise. Once you have a solid plan in place, it will be much easier to stay on track and avoid getting overwhelmed. 

Finding a Good Home

When looking for a new home for you and your pet, focus on these features:

  • Great Location: Living in a neighborhood in proximity to dog parks will help improve your pet’s standard of living. 

  • Pet Care: Before moving, ensure your pet has the best care possible by locating a capable pet clinic.

  • Housing Market: Prioritize areas where houses are expected to appreciate in the coming years.

  • Pet-Friendliness: As reported by 2-10, give preference to homes that have large outdoor spaces, non-carpet flooring, and mud/washrooms located on the first floor.

Controlling Your Finances

In the months before and after moving, you can expect to incur greater expenses than usual. Below are a few prominent expenses you will incur and how to afford them: 

Buying a Home: While buying a new home, you might be selling your old one too. This presents its own fair share of challenges, so talk to your agent about contingency options, and have a game plan in mind for your finances during this time. Having two mortgage payments at once can become a financial nightmare if you aren’t careful. 

Hiring Movers: Moving will be a stressful experience for your pet. With movers in the picture, you’ll be able to dedicate your efforts towards their well-being. You could cover their cost from the sale of your home as well.

In addition to these, you’ll need to spend on:

  • Buying necessary furniture post-move

  • Arranging pet-friendly transportation

Managing Your Pet’s Needs

To ensure your pet has a smooth moving experience, follow these steps:

  • Plan to pack one room at a time while keeping your pet in a separate room with a trusted companion.

  • Read this article to prepare yourself and your fish for the big move. 

  • If moving across time zones, start feeding your pet at the new times.

  • Pre-order any new essential pet furniture before moving.

  • Pack your pet’s items separately and unpack them first in an isolated room post moving.

  • If you have to start working soon after your move, prioritize pet-proofing your home office by removing any items that could cause your pet harm.

  • Be mindful of any changes in your pet's behavior during the process and help them by providing love and comfort.

  • In the case of dogs, take them on frequent walks through their new neighborhood as it'll allow them to assimilate faster. 

Following these steps will allow you to stay on top of your pet's needs while managing all other responsibilities related to moving.