Spring cleaning with your pets in mind

Spring Cleaning and your Pets

For many people the start spring time means a new beginning.  Not only is the world outside shedding its winter coat and slowly budding new flowers and plants, but spring also a great time to clean and get rid of the old and in with the new. 

As you start your spring cleaning around your household it is important to keep your furry friends in mind when beginning this yearly task.  As you clean around the house  in spring, or for the matter any time of year, we share the following tips to keep you pet fresh and happy.

  1. Use Mats-  Synthetic, rubber backed mats by doors, under food dishes, and in your pets sleeping area with help collect dirt and make the clean up a breeze.
  2. Keep Toxic Products away from Pets-  Keep toxic household cleaning solutions, poisons, paints, insecticides, antifreeze, and medications in a locked cabinet or in a room where your pets do not have any access to.
  3. Regularly Brush or Groom you Pets-  This will not only bring you closer and strengthen your relationship with your furry friend, but also improve the cleanliness of your home.  You will notice that any pet sheds less when regularly brushed or groomed.  Look into better diet and supplements such as salmon, krill, and Pollock oils to help with Omega vitamins that will make a nicer coat. 
  4. Keep your Furniture Clean-  Remove pet hair from upholstery and furniture by using a pet hair pick up device of by wearing damp rubber gloves and swiping them over the couch, pillows, blankets, and rugs.
  5. Use Pet Safe Cleaners and Odor Removers-  Some household cleaning products can be toxic for your pet.  Make sure to invest in a variety of products that will keep your home smelling fresh and so clean and keeping your furry pets safe and healthy.  Look for all natural cleaning agents if possible. 

Using these tips will avoid possible issues with your pet getting into, getting sick, or getting in the way of your household cleaning projects.  Come visit Sierra Fish and Pets for lots of ideas on how to clean with the very best of products for you and your pets!!