Difference Between Reef Tank and Aquarium Fish

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Let's talk about a reef aquarium and a freshwater one - the fish that live best in them and how to maintain them.

What is a reef aquarium?

“An aquarium is a glimpse into the vast depths of the sea and the creatures that call it their home”, says Saleema Lookman, an expert in the world of water life.

A reef aquarium is thus a microcosm of the ocean, a re-creation of the life it contains with live corals, marine invertebrates, and unique reef safe fish playing a role in maintaining the tropical coral reef environment. Careful consideration of which reef animals are compatible with one another has to be taken into account, with the appropriate filtration and lighting for a reef aquarium that is more advanced than what is required for freshwater tanks. To help you choose the befitting display tank, refugium, lighting, and maintenance of filtration and water movement systems, our professionals are here to help.

Here is of some of the list marine/reef aquarium fish species for you :

      Angelfish - Dwarf

Angelfish are the most common reef fish, known for their huge size and enhancement of the beauty of the tanks they are added to. However, it is suggested that large angelfish are not added to a reef aquarium as they will pick and destroy the reef animals.  Dwarf Angelfish are the angelfish that are generally safe for the reef tank.


      Blennies and Gobbies

These are popular aquarium fish because of their tendency to intermingle with other fish while at the same time being hostile to their own species. They are easy-to-maintain, omnivorous creatures that dwell on the rock scape or on the substrate.


      Clown fishes

   Probably one of the most recognizable marine fish for reef tanks.  There are several species in captivity because of the breeding ability for hobbyist and creating "designer" clownfish with special markings and patterns. 



Pipefish are relatives of seahorses and require similar care to seahorses. They must be kept by experienced aquarium owners only.

A glimpse into these species gives one an idea of what kind of fish suit a reef aquarium: they are particular in nature, and require great care as well as monitoring of the flow of water.


Now looking into freshwater aquariums.


What is a freshwater aquarium?


“Aquascaping is as much an art form as painting or sculpting.”

-Salman Ali

To indulge in this artistic venture, a freshwater aquarium is the ideal choice for you. It is easy to maintain, vibrant and can be modified at your convenience. Containing easily accessible equipment like a fish tank, filtration, lighting and decorations, fishkeeping makes for the perfect hobby.


Community aquarium fish are usually fuss-free and the easiest to keep. They grow to less than 3 inches and do best when kept in a small school of 3-5 individuals. When adding new ones, thorough research must be done to ensure their compatibility with the pre-existing environment.

To help you make no mistake, we at Sierra Fish and Pets are here.


Our top favorites include :

   Platy and other Livebearers

Colorful, lively, and suitable for beginners, you must indulge in them and will surely fall in love with the ease they offer.


    Guppies and Endlers

Guppies and Endlers are synonymous with the ideal aquarium fish. While the males are smaller and more colorful, the females are larger, and have a colorful tail fin.



Species that like to be in groups or schools are generally very peaceful so you can add multiple varieties if tetras or focus on 1-2 species and have larger quantities. 


This was just a rough idea for our readers to pave the way for their acquascaping journey. To have an aquarium set up without even lifting a finger, Sierra Fish and Pets is here for you. Contact us now to know more.