Why Choose Bioactive Terrariums

When it comes to your ecosystems, it is always a good idea to level up with bioactive terrariums. A little bit of additions and you are good to go. They last for years at an end and are very easy to maintain. Let's see what they exactly are and how you can make them as self-sustaining as possible. 

What Is A Bioactive Terrarium?

A bioactive terrarium or vivarium is a terrarium that is an ecosystem operating on a cyclical basis. It houses one or more terrestrial animal species that include all types of small invertebrates, reptiles, and microorganisms that consume and break down the waste products of the primary species.       

How To Make Them Bioactive?

It is very easy to make a terrarium bioactive.  What you have to do is add appropriate substrate, plants, and detrivores easily available at our pet shop. The material used for construction is usually PVC, wood, glass, or acrylic.

What Are The Pillars Of A Bioactive Setup?


Easily available and in great variety, as detritivores, microfauna breaks down organic matter and converts it into nutrients for terrarium plants.


These too decompose waste material and convert them to be helpful for other inhabitants of the terrariums.

    Natural Decoration

Certain types of wood are highly recommended to be placed in for with time, they break down and become a further source of nutrition.

    Terrarium Animals

These come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and temperaments. However, they make for a good choice in terrariums. To choose the appropriate one depending on the capacity of your terrarium, like a gecko, bearded dragon, or anole, among others, do consult specialists.

How To Clean A Bioactive Terrarium?

Low maintenance is granted when having a bioactive terrarium. What you need to make sure of is that you maintain humidity and water levels. Plants, moss, and other species prefer a humid environment. The soil should be damp at all times.

This ensures that the waste products are consumed by a variety of detritivores, rightly called the “cleanup crew”.

Algae buildup on glass is a common phenomenon and must be kept in check.

These are rightly referred to as “no maintenance closures.” With the appropriate kind of investment, guidance, and little care, you are surely going to have exactly what you need. They not just enhance the places they are kept, but also serve as a great addition to maintaining positivity as stated by leading experts at Sierra Fish and Pets.

Choose Sierra Fish and Pets to guide you through it all, for then your journey is going to be completely fuss-free and worth every penny.